It all started when...

Life Photography is a leading and successful professional
photography business in Myanmar. So many people in Myanmar,
especially those who have a keen taste in Quality and Creativity had
already enjoyed the high‐end and customized services of Life
Photography to capture beautiful and grand memories of their lives.
For LIFE, Quality is first, second and third priority. And, LIFE never
forgets to serve their customers with 100% customer‐satisfaction.
LIFE has achieved tons of successes in the fields of Pre‐Wedding
Photography, Brand Promotion Photography, Baby Photography,
Wedding Anniversary Photography and different kinds of such
Fashion Photography. So many top‐brand products, classy
restaurants, high‐end jewellery shops and other such businesses in
Myanmar had successfully promoted their brands’ images with the
kind and skilled services of Life Photography.
But, Life Photography never stops dreaming.
We have a burning desire to extend our dreams in Film Production
Industry of Myanmar. Life Photography has a humble but grand
dream that in the future we will create lots of motion pictures that
can portray unforgettable moments of people’s lives which are full of
happiness, romance, sorrow, humour and such emotions. We believe
that in the future our artworks of cinematography will provide an
exit for the people from their lives’ suffocating difficulties.
Now, LIFE is ready to set our feet in the mighty realm of Myanmar
Cinematography. In recent days, Life Photography has even already
made some outstanding short documentary films like Phonyin Razi.
Life Photography hopes that in the near future we will have chances
to materialize our dreams. And, we won’t miss those chances!
Life Photography Team
LIFE believes that LIFE does not represent only a single person or any
individual. LIFE is a team and LIFE’s successes originate in it’s strong
team spirit. And, LIFE is always welcoming any new crew members.
In the future, LIFE will sustain its success in the hands of new